The promulgation of employees State Insurance Act, 1948(ESI Act), by the Parliament was the first major legislation on social Security for workers in independent India. It was a time when the industry was still in a nascent stage and the country was heavily dependent on an assortment of imported goods from the developed or fast developing countries. The deployment of manpower in manufacturing processes was limited to a few select industries such as jute, textile, chemicals etc. The legislation on creation and development of a fool proof multi-dimensional Social Security system, when the countrys economy was in a very fledgling state was obviously a remarkable gesture towards the socio economic amelioration of a workface though limited in number and geographic distribution. India, notwithstanding, thus, took the lead in providing organized social protection to the working class through statutory provisions.

The ESI Act 1948, encompasses certain health related eventualities that the workers are generally exposed to; such as sickness, maternity, temporary or permanent disablement, Occupational disease or death due to employment injury, resulting in loss of wages or earning capacity-total or partial. Social security provision made in the Act to counterbalance or negate the resulting physical or financial distress in such contingencies, are thus, aimed at upholding human dignity in times of crises through protection from deprivation, destitution and social degradation while enabling the society the retention and continuity of a socially useful and productive manpower.

Jharkhand Region

The State of Jharkhand was formed in the year 2000, consequently, the Regional Office of ESI Corporation was carved out of Bihar Region on 1st of May 2003. The full fledged Regional Office of ESIC Jharkhand started functioning from June 2003.

The total no. of Insured Persons at the start of the Region was around 69000. On account of intensive coverage drive over the years, the coverage has steadily increased. Further, the Govt. of Jharkhand has extended the provision of ESI Act to educational institutions w.e.f.19.04.2007 and to medical institutions w.e.f.20.05.10 leading to the coverage of considerable no. of such institutions as well coverage of employees of these institutions. The no. of Insured Persons as on 31.03.2011 stood at 217611. Thus there is a growth of 315.37% since formation of this Region.

Similarly, the total no. of employers at the start of the Region was around 2267 Which has now been increased to 7753 no. of employers covered under the Scheme, registering 342% growth since formation of this Region.

The ESI Scheme is at present implemented at 12 centres in the state and a phased programme is being prepared for implementation in 10 new centres.
The cash benefits and medical benefit are being provided to the Insured Persons and beneficiaries of this Region through 11 Branch Offices and one pay office run by the Corporation and 22 dispensaries run by State Government. Further, there are three hospitals in the Region-2 (Two) run by corporation and 1 (One) by State Government.

The Regional Office, ESIC, Namkum, Ranchi, Jharkhand is an ISO 9001-2000 certified office and it is further improving its working style by undergoing computerization work name as Project Panchdeep. All the Branch Offices, hospitals and dispensaries are also being computerized which will make their functioning very smooth and fast.

To provide better services to the stakeholders on-line registration of units and their employees has already been started. Till July 2011- 207330 (103665 employees*2) smart cards have been prepared and 206584 (103292employees*2) smart cards distributed to the Employees. The percentage of prepared cards is 58.98% of total no. of Employees. All periodical payments to I.Ps. are being made almost 100% through ECS. Other payments are also being made through ECS though not 100%.
The Region is progressing day by day in all aspects.